5 Place's We Forget To Clean Around The House

Everyone has a routine when cleaning around the house. Some people move from room to room while others tackle small projects in multiple rooms at once. Cleaning every single area is not always easy. There are unseen sections of a home that might not be cleaned for months at a time. Five places in the home are commonly forgotten while cleaning.

Behind Appliances

Many people forget to clean behind appliances like refrigerators, ovens and washing machines. These areas can collect a large amount of dirt and dust. The dust can actually settle on refrigerator coils or inside of dryer vents. Cleaning behind appliances regularly could actually improve the efficiency of each unit.

Under Sinks and Toilets

Not everyone remembers to clean underneath of sinks and toilets in the bathroom. The underside of these fixtures can gather dust. The humidity in a bathroom can turn normal dust into a thick layer of grime. The underside of sinks and toilets should be cleaned regularly.

Air Ducts

Air ducts, vents and registers are places that are often ignored while cleaning. The reality is that cleaning the air ducts is very important for the health of everyone in the house. It also increases the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Scheduling a professional air duct cleaning will improve the air quality throughout the home. A professional cleaning will remove mold spores, fungus, dust and potentially even waste from pests. Air ducts should be cleaned at least one to two times annually.

The Back of Drawers and Cabinets

An area that is normally forgotten is the back of drawers and cabinets. These areas are easy to forget because they are not seen. The dust can actually spread forward from the back and make items in the area dirty. A thorough cleaning should involve removing everything from drawers and cabinets followed by a complete wipe down of surfaces from front to back.

Blinds and Curtains

Window treatments like blinds or curtains are easily forgotten. Dust settles on blinds and in curtains very easily. Open windows can distribute some of this dust throughout the home. Blinds and curtains should be wiped down or vacuumed on a regular basis to keep dust to a minimum.


It is easy to forget to clean areas that are not in plain view. A mistake is to completely ignore these areas with the thought that dust and debris will not affect the rest of the house. Cleaning every part of a home from the front door to the air ducts will create a healthier and cleaner environment.